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We believe that  standstill is the same as a setback. Thus, we try to solve our customers’ problems quicker, more efficiently and effectively via innovation. To do this, we screen new approaches, concepts, and technologies worldwide and reflect this against the main trends and changes in our B2B markets. From these two sources, new products and solutions are built directly into small, autonomous business units as part of a rapid prototyping process in our own company builder Liquid Labs. This allows us to test very quickly and cost effectively, whether our hypotheses are correct in terms of market and product. We can then tweak the value proposition for our customers very quickly.

Deepview: Liquid Labs - inhouse start up laboratory

Liquid Labs was founded in 2012 by Paul Jozefak and Michael Backes as a subsidiary wholly owned by the Otto Group and it functions as an independent start-up laboratory. It is managed with sufficient distance to the Otto Group in order to preserve the necessary autonomy. Yet one of the key success factors is the constantly available access to the resources, know-how, and the economies of scale of the Otto Group for new project ideas. Approximately 3-4 start-ups are launched each year in this start-up laboratory in the area of retail-related, digital services.

Managing director: Michael Backes and Paul Jozefak (together over 20 years of VC, company building and software development experience)

Established: 2012

Current projects: Border GuruCollect.AI  und Risk Ident

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Passion for data


Data is the new oil. We firmly believe that the ability to collect, process and analyze data and to draw the right conclusions, has never been more important than at present. In OGDS, all business models are based on this core competence. Whether in the areas of fraud prevention, online marketing, sales forecasts, visual image search, customer-centric dunning or performance marketing optimization - all companies of Otto Group Digital Solutions are distinguished by almost obsessive passion for data. This is also a key success factor of all OGDS concepts: We want to build intelligent, high-performance and data-related products for our customers and do so better than our competitors.

Deepview: Blue Yonder

Data science par excellence: The company was founded as a joint venture in 2008 by the Otto Group and Professor Michael Feindt, a former CERN researcher. Based on his experience with the NeuroBayes algorithm, which was originally developed for the analysis of experiments in elementary particle physics, Prof. Feindt was convinced that this software would be effective in other areas such as sales planning, customer and risk analysis or dynamic pricing.

In cooperation with, a proof of concept in the world of commerce marked the beginning of this success story. Today, Blue Yonder has become a leading provider of cloud-based predictive applications, helping customers such as DM, Bauhaus, and Kaufland, in addition to the companies of the Otto Group, meet the challenges of ever faster and more complex decision-making processes on an equal footing. A few figures: Blue Yonder delivers 30,000 decisions per second for over 700 branches from 35 million product-location combinations.

In addition to its field of application in trade, Blue Yonder also offers industry-specific solutions to companies such as Bosch, Lufthansa Systems, and Eurotunnel. Blue Yonder optimized internal processes using big data analyses in a project at Saarstahl AG. The joint project is being implemented along with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems, and other partners. The aim is to control production and business processes with foresight and intelligent forecasting calculations.

Managing director: Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt und Uwe Weiss

Established: 2008

• 2016 Experton: Big Data Leader in Germany 2016
• 2015 Technology Review: The 50 most innovative companies in Germany
• 2014 BARC: Best Practice Award BI and Analytics im Segment Enterprise Solutions

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The best technology will be a nightmare if it is not reliable or falters under the load of everyday life. We are convinced that, especially in the B2B segment, reliability and stability are essential. That’s why our products and services must also meet high demands. As part of the Otto Group, we are accustomed to high demands being put on robustness and performance from the outset, as all new concepts are first tested within the Otto Group. Thus, we ensure that we can offer not just innovative, but also stable, scalable products to our customers upon which they can rely.

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Otto Group Digital Solutions

OGDS is the driving force behind the digital B2B segment of the Otto Group with the aim of identifying and building new and attractive business models in the retail-related service sector.



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