Shopping 24 Internet Group (established in 2011)


The shopping24 internet group operates leading shopping portals in the areas of fashion, home & living, lifestyle, and consumer elctronics. These include shopping24.de, smatch.com, the high-fashion portal yalook.com and the special-interest portals fashion24.de, discount24.de, living24.de, and Wohnklamotte.de - one of the largest Facebook communities in the home & living sector. Additionally, the company targets publishers and distributors with a comprehensive portfolio of services. This includes the operation of shopping portals for renowned publishers and special shopping solutions with search technologies for retailers and online marketplaces.

Picalike (established in 2010)


Product images have become increasingly important in social media, as well as in e-commerce and m-commerce. Picalike supports the specific use of images in order to generate added value for merchants and their customers.

Picalike is an innovative company that focuses on artificial intelligence and visual technologies. As a pioneer in the field of image recognition and semantic understanding of image content, Picalike develops and distributes easily integrated software solutions that enable the visual search and analysis of image files based on complex, learning algorithms. Picalike customers include e-commerce operators (B2B), to whom Picalike provides solutions and supplements in the areas of search & recommendation as well as data enrichment.

Ifeelgoods.com (established IN 2010)


Ifeelgoods is a platform for digital advertising that assists marketers and agencies in converting their target groups in real-time with valuable award offers. Ifeelgoods enables brand providers to incentivize their customers through personalized purchase offers.

The interoperable end-to-end Ifeelgoods platform enables rapid delivery of attractive awards to customers, regardless of time and place. Over 150 advertisers (including Walmart, Gap and L'Oreal) are among the customers of Ifeelgoods. Their selection consists of over 1000+ digital bonus offers such as a subscription to the NYTimes or  film and music apps to optimize the acquisition, activation and loyalty of end customers.

Liquid Labs (established IN 2011)

Liquid Labs

Liquid Labs is a small team leverages product ideas relevant to the Otto Group and brings them to the market as companies. In this regard, Liquid Labs was built deliberately as an independent platform to enable and faster experimentation. Liquid Labs utilizes the principles of the venture capital world combined with best practice approaches from startups for future innovative business concepts.

Right from inception, the focus of product development is to create real value instead of reacting to trends. Liquid Labs does not get measured based on short-term profit, but rather on building sustainable products and business models.

RiskIdent (established IN 2013)


As a technology expert, Risk Indent supports Web-based business models in fraud prevention through the use of behavioral analysis and device fingerprints. As of today, millions of transactions are secured every day in real time.

Through the use of highly scalable machine learning software, Risk Ident provides the highest identification rate of fraudulent transactions on mobile devices in Europe. Customer focus is in the areas of e-commerce, telecommunications, and financial services. The respective products are adapted to specific customer needs and respective business models taking into account European data protection laws.

Otto Group Media (established IN 2015)

Otto Group Media

The recently established Otto Group Media, a subsidiary wholly owned by the Otto Group for data driven advertising, markets advertising space on websites of the Otto Group and selected partner sites through user-based modulation.

Advertisers can run their user-specific branding campaigns with state-of-the-art technology in high-quality and for reaching environments through Otto Group Media. Focusing specifically on the target group “women” makes Otto Group Media the ideal partner for advertisers who want to tap into exactly this group of customers. Customers benefit from over a hundred online shops, more than 500 million page views, and 25 million unique visitors per month.

Collect.AI (established IN 2016)


collectAI provides AI-based services to manage account receivables.

Covering the end-to-end process the company helps its clients balancing between collection rates, costs and customer retention. Combining high automation and deep learning algorithms the company fundamentally improves the customer experience, putting the needs and behaviour of the end consumer to the centre of the service. It uses digital communication channels and payment solutions to innovate and digitise the invoicing, reminder mechanism and debt collection process.

collectAI, founded in 2016, is part of Germany’s largest e-commerce retailer, the Otto Group. With its today more than 30 employees, the company currently manages a volume of EUR 15m receivables.

into-e (established IN 2017)


As part of the Otto Group Digital Solutions, the into-e GmbH researches and develops innovative concepts and technology-based prototypes along the entire value-added chain of online trading. The aim is to successfully launch independent companies and to establish them in the market.

The team of the company builder into-e combines many years of experience in various fields of e-commerce and product development with the necessary technical resources to efficiently implement concepts and bring them to market.


Otto Group Digital Solutions

OGDS is the driving force behind the digital B2B segment of the Otto Group with the aim of identifying and building new and attractive business models in the retail-related service sector.



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