Digital solutions for the future.

Otto Group Digital Solutions is the holding company for digital service companies of the Otto Group.

Our highly dynamic portfolio includes services with retail-related business models that drive digitization and offer their customers future-oriented solutions. We focus on e-commerce, FinTech and logistics.


What makes us special

At Otto Group Digital Solutions we combine the best of both worlds: The technological competence and innovative spirit from the start-up world with the know-how of the Otto Group. We use our expertise in the area of innovation to create synergies and to establish our business models within the Group in a targeted manner. Existing networks and the extensive reach of the Otto Group's platforms, the opportunity to benefit from the experience of the Otto Group's millions of customers and the use of the family group's existing infrastructure give our startups an advantage in the market.

Our Startups

Our portfolio companies focus on digital solutions that enable us to solve our clients' challenges faster and more efficiently.
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Otto Group Digital Solutions

The Otto Group Digital Solutions (OGDS) is the holding company for digital and trade-related service companies and is responsible for major digital service companies in the Otto Group's portfolio.