New Startups.
With the Otto
Group's know-how.

At Otto Group Digital Solutions, we identify digital business models that we then build up in small teams and establish at the market. Startups are therefore regularly being set up under our umbrella in the areas of e-commerce, logistics and fintech.


Our Startups

Our portfolio companies offer their clients digital solutions for the future.


Marketing automation through artificial intelligence

adSoul offers customers a smart 360° SaaS-solution for keywordbased advertising. Thanks to adSoul, advertisers achieve a holistic and controllable marketing automation, fully integrated into their individual system landscape.

Balancing Recovery Rate, Customer Relations and Business Case

collectAI offers various services for digital receivables management: from e-invoices, dunning to debt collection, the company covers the entire process. This is made possible by a proprietary technology developed on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Premium offers create incentives to buy

Founded in 2010, ifeelgoods is a platform for digital advertising that helps marketers and agencies convert their target groups in real time with value-added premium offers.

Plug&Play fulfillment from a
single source

odc offers brands and retailers from the e-commerce sector a full-service fulfillment and returns solution. The IT-driven business model combines software with physical warehouse and dispatch logistics and has integrated interfaces to shops, ERP systems, marketplaces and parcel service providers.


Increase sales with intelligent, personalized product recommendations

picalike distributes software solutions in the area of image recognition and the semantic understanding of image content. Based on complex, learning algorithms, the technology is able to extract data from photos and then use it for personalization, recommendation and search in online shops.

Maximum protection for companies and customers

As a technology expert, Risk Ident supports web-based business models in fraud prevention by using behavioral analyses and device fingerprints. By using highly scalable machine learning software, Risk Ident delivers the highest identification rate of fraudulent transactions on mobile devices in Europe.


Highly interactive reach for online retailers

The shopping24 commerce network operates leading product search engines and shopping portals for the fashion, home, lifestyle and technology sectors. In addition, the company's extensive portfolio of services is aimed at publishers, dealers and high-reach communities.


Otto Group Digital Solutions

Otto Group Digital Solutions (OGDS) is the Corporate Company Builder of the Otto Group - with the aim of identifying and building new and attractive business models in the retail-related service sector.