Digital Rewards Marketing


ifeelgoods, Inc.

Founded in: 2010
Headquarter: Palo Alto, CA
Employees: 10+
Business Area: Digital Rewards Marketing

100.000+ rewards over 30+ countries
Gift cards, digital content & products
Hassle free inventory & fulfillment
50+ integrated apps
30.000.000 rewards delivered
Minority holding

Premium offers create incentives to buy

Ifeelgoods is a platform for digital advertising that assists marketers and agencies in converting their target groups in real-time with valuable award offers. Ifeelgoods enables brand providers to incentivize their customers through personalized purchase offers.

The interoperable end-to-end Ifeelgoods platform enables rapid delivery of attractive awards to customers, regardless of time and place. Over 150 advertisers (including Walmart, Gap and L'Oreal) are among the customers of Ifeelgoods. Their selection consists of over 1000+ digital bonus offers such as a subscription to the NYTimes or film and music apps to optimize the acquisition, activation and loyalty of end customers.

Benefiting from reach and experience

As an investor, the Otto Group contributes to extending the global reach of ifeelgoods and also provides a broad spectrum of many years of experience.


Career at ifeelgoods

Otto Group Digital Solutions

Otto Group Digital Solutions (OGDS) is the Corporate Company Builder of the Otto Group - with the aim of identifying and building new and attractive business models in the retail-related service sector.