Shopping 24 Internet Group

Product search engines and shopping portals

shopping24 commerce network

shopping24 commerce network

Founded in: 1997
Headquarter: Hamburg
Employees: 65+
Business area: Operation of product search engines and shopping portals

Highly interactive reach for online retailers

The shopping24 commerce network operates leading product search engines and shopping portals for the fashion, home, lifestyle and technology sectors. In addition, the company has an extensive portfolio of publishers, dealers and high-reach platforms. This includes the operation of context-sensitive product widgets for well-known publishers as well as special shopping solutions around search technologies for retailers and online marketplaces. With over 60 million products and more than 1,000 partner shops, the shopping24 commerce network reaches more than five million buying affinity users per month.

Synergy effects for brands

The shopping24 commerce network was developed in 1997 within the Otto Group. The aim was to create an online platform that aggregates the different offers of various online shops and exploits synergy effects. Due to its strong focus on technology as a growth driver, the shopping24 internet group has been able to continuously increase its relevant reach and build up further product search engines.



Career at shopping24 internet group

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