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Digital receivables management


collect Artificial Intelligence GmbH (collectAI)

Founded in: 2016
Headquarters: Hamburg
Employees: 44
Business Area: Digital receivables management (e-invoicing, dunning, debt collection)

Balancing Recovery Rate, Customer Relations and Business Case

collectAI offers various services for digital receivables management: Starting with e-invoicing over to dunning to debt collection, the company covers the entire process. The solution is based on proprietary technology that digitises communication processes and automates them smartly with Artificial Intelligence (AI). collectAI's clients are mainly medium-sized and large companies from industries like e-commerce, banking, insurance, utility companies and publishing houses.

The customer in the centre of the services

It is collectAI’s goal to increase conversion rates and customer retention by digitising and smartening up the receivables process. The self-learning AI determines the appropriate communication channel, the best tonality and timing to get in touch with the consumer. This customer-centric approach delivers higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Financial know-how from the Otto Group as an asset

collectAI was developed as part of Otto Group's company builder Liquid Labs in 2016. The idea was based on the fact that 23 percent of invoices in Europe are overdue, mostly because they have been forgotten or never reached their recipients. Thanks to the existing assets within the Otto Group, the collectAI team was able to provide a proof of concept within a short time. Invoices and reminders sent by online retailers were the starting point for developing the AI-based technology.

Today, the team consists of 44 tech and business professionals led by Sebastian Hoop. The company is based in Hamburg's Hafencity.



Career at collectAI

collectAI is looking for (pre-) thinkers and people who see every day as an exciting challenge:

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