Computer Vision for E-Commerce


picalike GmbH

Founded in: 2010
Headquarter: Hamburg
Employees: 15+
Business area: Visual technologies and AI

300.000.000 requests per year
40 customers with shops in 18 countries
Proprietary Technology; GPU Cluster
Multiple times named as the leading AI company in Europe in the field of image analysis[McKinsey; AI Landscape; Styleintelligence Report].
Minority holding

Increase sales with intelligent, personalized product recommendations

As a Pioneer in the field of image recognition and the semantic understanding of pictures, picalike created easy-to-integrate software solutions. Based on complex and self learning algorithms, those solutions enable visual search and the analysis of images. With the combination of picalike’s computer vision and deep learning technology, smart solutions in the field of visual search, personalized recommendations and data quality are formed, as well as trend and competitor analysis and customer segmentation.


The Hamburg and New York based company was founded in 2010 and supports customers like Otto, Bonprix, Esprit and Witt-Weiden when it comes to improving all important KPIs. In 2012, the Otto Group ensured a stake, what allowed further expansion of AI and the product portfolio. With tools like Shop the Look and Shopping Agent, picalike was able to increase a shops conversion rate by up to 16% and lower the dropout rate by more than 40%.

Winning the German Accelerators 2017, allowed picalike to open up the american market. Branch offices at Silicon Valley and New York help to actively operate in the USA and to acquire customers.

Specialized image AI as a strategic asset

The Otto Group followed strategic purposes when investing in picalike. Picalike works with various companies of the Otto Group that benefit from image analysis in various areas (personalization, data analysis / enrichment, visual search, recommendation, trend and competitor analysis, segmentation, etc.) and high quality of service.


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